A Slow Day – But great Mexican Food!

January 18, 2003 Called around today to find out that a new motor will cost between $1000 and $2600 depending on where we get it, not including labor. Also, the transmission will be between $500 and $1800, not including labor, if we have to replace it. We *hope* that replacing a few sensors will help the truck run well enough to sell it. Personally, I am not convinced that the truck is in horrible shape. Perhaps the mechanics just want our money. The problem is whether to test that theory by driving 10,000 miles on the motor. On a lighter note, we had some EXCELLENT burritos at Rambertos for lunch, and SUPERB tacos at Villa del Mar. All in all, a slow mellow day; tomorrow we will go to the beach. 🙂 Mexican food in San Diego rocks!


Spider eggs on the fence we helped patch. January 18, 2003


Oranges from Jen and Lupe's backyard. January 18, 2003



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