Surf in Pavones

The surf season in Pavones runs from March through August. During this time, there can be swells of up to 12 feet hitting the top of the point, at the more advanced section of the wave. This is no spot for beginners, as the wave is fast and crowded with experienced surfers. We teach lessons in the bay next to the cantina where the wave height can be 1/2 the size of the waves on the outside point.

Our surf camp season starts in December when the waves are more gentle, forgiving, and perfect for learning. If you’ve never surfing before, the months of December through February are for you. Not only will you experience the sunniest skies of the year, but you’ll also be surfing in conditions better suited for beginner surfers.

The wave here is special because the portion of the wave that we use for teaching is a gentle rolling Waikiki style wave that peels slowly around the point. Beachbreaks tend to be much stronger and faster and very difficult for beginners to judge whether to go right or left and to get up fast enough to ride the face of the wave instead of the whitewater. A point break like Pavones rolls along slowly, making it easier for you to paddle out, catch and ride waves.

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