Surf Camp Packing List

Surf Camp Packing List

How should I pack for surf camp? What should I bring on my surf vacation? What should I pack? Do you have a list of things to bring?

Packing for a surf vacation can be tricky-especially if you’ve never been on a surf trip
before, or if you’re going to a surf camp to learn how to surf. We’ve created a list of
things to bring for you to help you pack for your adventure. Of course, some of these
items only apply for the rainier months, which can begin in May and runs through December.
You can also find out more about the weather and seasons of southern Costa Rica.

Sansa has a weight limit of 27lbs per passenger. Overweight is $1/lb.

  • Money in USD (There are no ATM’s in Pavones. No one accepts credit cards or traveler’s checks)
  • Airline Tickets
  • Valid passport with at least 3 months remaining before expiring
  • Crocks, Gators, Tevas, reef walkers or similar water shoes. MAKE SURE THEY’RE COMFY! You may be tromping up the river to inner tube back down.
  • Closed-toed hiking/tennis shoes that can get wet (or we provide rubber boots)
  • Athletic socks (soccer socks for shin guards or old school knee high tube socks) if you wish to wear our rubber boots
  • Small flashlight
  • Light rain jacket (May-Dec)
  • Umbrella (May-Dec)
  • Beach towels (at least one)
  • Yoga clothes (shorts are better than pants here)
  • 2 Bathing suits (at least, 3 if possible) so you always have a dry one to put on…People here live in their suits because it’s HOT. If you have more suits, bring them.
  • Sunscreen (+5% zinc or titanium dioxide, over 30SPF, “waterproof”) For the body we recommend HIC 2X sunblock, Alligator, Hawaiian Blend Sport with Zinc, or La Roche-Posay Helioblock S Athelios 40 (not 60 SPF). For additional face block (for swimming/surfing) we recommend Vertra, Shiseido Sun Protection Skin Foundation SPF 35, HIC 2X sunblock, Zinka Nosecoat, Headhunter Surf Screen, and UV Natural Sport. Old sunscreens can separate and burn your skin. We do not recommend Coppertone, Bullfrog, or most Banana Boat products. While buying sunscreens remember that SPF 70 can be the same as SPF 30 and is really a marketing scam.
  • Repellent (Up to 20 or 30 % DEET should be fine–no need for the military, extra strength melt-off-your-skin stuff.) The best DEET-free, natural insect repellant is All Terrain Herbal Armor.
  • Sun Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Sarong / pareo
  • Beach wear (tanks, shorts, and short skirts) Local Ticas wear very skimpy clothes near the beaches-don’t worry about offending anyone by showing your shoulders and knees.
  • Watch and/or alarm clock
  • Camera (keep this out on the San Jose to Golfito flight as it is as scenic as they come)
  • Any extra batteries, chargers and memory cards for the camera
  • Any medications necessary for known medical conditions

Optional Surfing Gear

    Surf booties: No local surfers wear booties, but we all have semi-calloused feet and don’t mind a little scrape now and then. The surf area is half sand and half cobblestone. If you have very tender feet you might consider bringing booties. Make sure they fit snugly in the store as they stretch in the water.

  • Surf shorts: The main reason for wearing surf shorts is that they provide more sun protection. Women’s surf shorts tend to be short and therefore don’t protect you from the sun. We recommend buying men’s surf shorts if no long women’s shorts can be found.
  • 100 % lycra or spandex running or swimming pants: If your legs have not seen the light of day in months, please consider bringing lycra leggings for surfing and protecting your legs from being burned. Putting sunscreen on the back of your legs makes the board slippery. While you might not look quite as “cool” as the girls wearing bikinis, you’ll feel much cooler after day three when you are the only one without a sunburn.
  • Surf Hat: If you are really worried about the sun there are some companies making surf hats. While they do help protect you from the sun, they can also reduce your peripheral vision. Remember that surf hats must have snug chin straps or they go bye bye.

If you’d like a printable copy of the list, you can download the  surf camp packing list in a rich text format.

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