Pavones – Costa Rica

The quaint village of Pavones Costa Rica is situated on the remote southern Pacific coast  near the border with Panama. The volcanic, jungle-lined beaches form points and bays that rise into the hills and mountains of the Conte-Burica Rainforest Reserve, home of the Guaymi Indians and one of the most richly biodiverse areas in Central America.  And, of course, Pavones is a surf town, built around the longest warm water left in the universe.

Pavones truly is a small, safe little town at the end of the road in the jungle. How small is Pavones? The town center is about one square block, built around the soccer field. There are two little markets, a hardware store, and seven restaurants in walking distance (and a few others a short drive away). There is one cantina on the beach (a great place to view surfing and the sunset). This is not a dance all night party town with clubs on every corner. What we do have is unspoiled nature, wildlife, and a long, rolling point break which makes for a perfect learning wave. If you want to party late and dance the night away every night, other Costa Rica beach towns like Jaco or Tamarindo are for you.

Electricity was introduced to Pavones only in 1997, and there are still more free roaming horses than public telephones… in fact phone lines in Pavones were only recently installed in 2008. With the introducion of phone lines, three internet cafes have popped up if you absolutely must remain connected. There are no ATM machines and only a few local businesses accept credit cards, and fewer accept traveler’s checks, but United States Dollars and Costa Rican money called Colones are accepted everywhere in town. The super market in town can make cash advances on credit or debit cards for a small fee.

What does exist in Pavones is a tranquil lifestyle that exudes pura vida (pure life), tropical waters, beautiful sunsets, oodles of wildlife, miles of beaches, acres of jungle, and Central America’s longest wave.

Pavones is famous among surfers for it’s wave.  When it’s on, you can surf one wave for over 800 yards! Of course, the surf has to be 10-15′ (faces) and all the variables have to line up for it to happen, but when the direction is right, the tide is just so, the swell is big enough, and it’s not to windy, you can get the ride of your life.

Actually, you can surf the wave of your life on a regular day.  Surfing one wave in Pavones is like surfing 20 waves at your typical beach break.  Instead of surfing each wave for 1-2 seconds, you can get a ride of 10 seconds (or on the big days up to a minute).  During surf lessons, you have more time to get to your feet and actually ride the wave in the open face instead of in the foam, letting your surfing progress much more quickly.

Whatever your skill level, Pavones has a wave that suits your ability, and we’ll help you take your surfing to the next level.

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