Surf Camp Activities

During your visit to a Venus All Inclusive Surf Camp in Costa Rica, you will not have to plan anything. We have a sample plan for the week available for you to download and check out. Each day will start with a healthy breakfast at Cafe de la Suerte. Then you’re off to your surf lesson, where our instructors will help you progress to the next level, whether that is simply being more comfortable in the ocean, riding the open face of a wave, or practicing new manouvers to help you get the most out of your session.  After lunch, you’ll have time to digest before a yoga class or you will enjoy a guided nature walk. Wednesday is theboat trip to Matapalo for a surf lesson and lunch on the Osa Peninsula. Therapeutic or relaxation massages take place in the afternoons after yoga or hikes. Dinners are out at our favorite local restaurants which provide a surprising culinary treat for a remote jungle surf town.

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