Guided Nature Walks

Included in our package will be a couple of guided nature walks above Pavones around the Conte-Burica Reserve. The Conte-Burica Reserve is home to the largest and least acculturated tribe in Costa Rica, the Guaymi (who call themselves the Ngöbe). You will see the Ngöbe women wearing their colorful pollera hand-sewn dresses as well as other crafts which may be purchased, such as the traditional chacaras (balsa fiber bags) and the popular woven hats commonly known as Panama hats- the Panama Costa Rican border is only 7 miles as a crow flies from Pavones.

During the nature walks around Pavones you may see some of the 200 varieties of birds including scarlet macaws and toucans, an amazing variety of mammals such as sloths and anteaters, brightly colored reptiles and amphibians, like iguanas and poison dart frogs. You will also see spectacular waterfalls and swim in emerald green pools under the jungle canopy.

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